About Us

About Us

Today, if the cityscape of Bangalore can boast of architectural marvels, a great many of them can surely be attributed to the construction expertise of our parent company Gina Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. Since 1964, we have been constantly driven by the vital spark of excellence, helping us reach for the skies.

At Gina, we have constructed over 100 millions sft translating into more than 1000 creations for some of the elite buildings, industries, institutions, software tech-parks, Pharma industry etc.

Providing comprehensive construction services of the highest quality standards, we satisfy our clients to their specifications within the agreed time frame.

Few of the projects by our parent company stand in mute witness of our committed endeavours. They are: Brigade Towers, Manipal Centre, Vayudooth Chambers, Prestige EGK, Infant Jesus Church, ITPL Residential Block, Regent Place, Reheja Arbor, Prestige Acropolis, Salarpuria Cambridge Residency, HM Geneva House, Embassy Woods, IIMB, Biocon India, HLL, AO Smith, ACE Designers, Texport Industries, Bren Avalon, Bren Paddington, Medriech, Scania, Beau Jhelum, Innovative Quest, etc.

We have since completed 50 golden years working in an around Bengaluru, including Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. We continue to march on, offering you premium residential collection under GINA DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Business Objective

Company has been incorporated to carry on the business of

  • Real Estate, Developers, Builders, Contractors and related activities either on its own or in Joint Venture with others.

  • To Purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire, hold and turn to account any lands or buildings of any kind and description for any tenure, wherever situated by laying out, developing, converting the same for building residential/commercial flats, dwelling houses, shops, industrial sheds and conveniences of all kinds and description or otherwise improve the premises or part thereof and let or lease them out to tenants or sell and dispose them off in any manner.

  • To advance, deposit or lend money, securities and properties to any Company, Body Corporate, firm, person or association with or without securities and on such terms as may be determined from time to time for buying, selling, dealing, letting on hire, selling on hire purchase lands agricultural or otherwise, sites, residential flats, apartments, commercial complexes, enclaves and estates of any kind and to develop and build on their land on joint venture or turnkey basis.

  • To manufacture and deal in all kinds and description of flooring and roofing tiles, ridges, bricks, blocks, pipes, as well as cement based, steel based and other building materials.

  • To carry on the business of clubs and holiday resorts and to carry on the business of consultants on the activities referred above.

Vision & Mission


To provide comprehensive construction services of desired quality, within the agreed time frame, employing key corporate practices of high standards with integrity & competence catering to optimum satisfaction of clientele.


Provide services that elicit the satisfaction of customers by commitment to our vision.

Deploy professionals at all levels to maintain corporate practice of high standards.

Keep human relations on top by foolproof safety standards at work.

Strive for excellence, professionalism and dedication in all endeavours.


Key Corporate Practices

Gina as a group have varied experience in the field of construction like Software Technology Parks, Pharmaceuticals, Research & Development Centres, Garment Factories, Food Processing Plants and other various industrial buildings, as well as, Hotels, Hospitals and other Institutional buildings, including infrastructural facilities like Water Supply & Sanitary Works, Site Development, etc. These varied experiences, have led us to establish certain key corporate practices which govern our day to day operations. They are:

  • Quality: Effective, inviolable and without compromise.

  • Time frame: promise of realistic dates with commitment to time track on day to day basis.

  • Safety: Proactive approach with top priority deploying dedicated safety personnel in the field.

  • Automation: In Material management, Labour management, Safety & Security practices, Accounting and Book keeping.

  • Professional ethics: Fair practices and integrity as the corporate ethos.